Deployment/Rollout Services for Businesses

Our deployment and rollout services are carried out by experts having a stalwart prior record. With over 10 years of experience between our deployment/rollout team, you can rest easy knowing that deployment and installation are done according to industry-wide best practices. Deploying a new technology across single or multiple sites requires considerable planning, coordination, and collaboration among the stakeholders. MITS engages with the internal and external stakeholders to ensure everything is done on time and per expectations. MITS will coordinate the entire rollout, from site surveys to end-user training. As we work on multiple sites simultaneously, MITS guarantees timely project completion and a faster time to market. We will leverage our experience to help you make the right decisions and get more value in the same budget.

Benefits of Using MITS Deployment & Rollout Services in Pakistan

Solution Guarantee

Whether we are managing/assisting the complete deployment & rollout or a specific part, our clients have the guarantee and peace of mind that our project team is equipped with extensive knowledge about their IT infrastructure. As the client’s reliable IT support partner, it is our responsibility to inform and implement solutions that improve our client’s IT systems, user experience, and ensure cost-effectiveness. Our objective is to offer improved and cost-efficient solutions that assist our clients in achieving a competitive advantage in their respective businesses. MITS deployment & rollout solutions do not disrupt routine business operations.

Solution Technologies

We are proud of being well informed of the latest technologies and best practices. Although they are continuously evolving due to rapid technological advancements, they can be categorised as:

Cloud-Based Solutions
Data Management
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
Remote Connectivity
Area Networks
Videotelephony & Collaboration

Project Types

Each deployment varies in size and complexity. They vary from extensive projects over multiple sites with considerable investment to smaller rollouts within an organisation. Usual examples are:

Application Installation & Updating
Operating System Installation & Updating
Security Rollouts
Communication Systems Upgrade
Infrastructure Design, Plan, & Execute

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