Site Survey and Installation Surveys by MITS

Employing the most experienced and qualified technicians, MITS serves a variety of clients across different industries with wireless site surveys and installation services. With over 10 years of experience conducting site surveys and installing wireless networks, MITS can promptly design and install a wireless network infrastructure irrespective of the complexity. MITS also finetunes existing systems to ensure synergy between the network and devices.

When Do Businesses Need Wireless Network Site Surveys?

If a business is planning to replace the existing network or set up one from scratch, it is the best time to avail of wireless network site survey services. Today, using the latest hardware to replace or set up a wireless network will not improve performance as expected. MITS leverages the latest technologies, optimises configuration, and carefully plans the placement to ensure a high-performing, secure, and regulatory-compliant wireless network.

Our Services

Wireless Network Site Surveys
Complete Wireless Network Installation
Training on Wireless Networks
Dedicated Technical Support
Site Preparation
Network Design
Hardware Deployment
Point to Point Links
Indoor WIFI
Outdoor WIFI

Why Us?

When selecting MITS for wireless site surveys or installation, you’ll benefit from over 10 years of experience in this field. Our technicians undergo frequent training to acquire the latest industry-wide best practices. MITS provides a single point of contact for all services, ensuring greater customer satisfaction. MITS manages over 2 million devices and 3,000 clients, a testament to the quality of our services and expertise.

Wireless Site Surveys for Businesses

We will evaluate your existing network infrastructure and performance to suggest changes that meet your requirements.

Determining Optimal Coverage Areas
Ideal Wireless Access Point Installation Location
Wireless Access Point Settings Optimisation
Analysis of Interference e.g. TVs, Microwave Ovens
System Improvements e.g. Antennas & Cables
Signal Coverage Heatmap for Business Premises

WIFI Installation

We can set up a new wireless infrastructure to meet your requirements or optimise the existing one.

Laying Fibre Optic
Installing Ethernet Network Cables
User Training
Wireless Access Point Installation and Configuration
Onsite Mobile Computer Configuration

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