IT Network Break-fix

Avail reliable, prompt, and professional IT network maintenance and break-fix services.

About Our Services

When your network malfunctions due to hardware failure or configuration issues, it can derail critical business functions. The services are disrupted and cause ongoing projects to suffer delays and cost overruns. MITS provides 24/7 IT network break-fix services to leading companies in Pakistan across a wide range of industries, including telecom, finance, healthcare, and education. We have a qualified team of IT specialists that can resolve all network-related issues promptly and get your business up and running. MITS covers a variety of technologies and resolves issues in as little as four hours.

Overview of MITS Network Break-fix Services?

Covers Multiple Technologies
Covers Multiple Technologies
Remote & On-site Services
24/7 Services
Prompt Response
Access to Spare Devices

Why Choose Us

Our Experience
MITS loves to solve complex challenges. If your business is facing a network issue, we have an experienced team of technicians that can resolve your problem promptly and per your expectations.
A good working relationship is a key to success. We focus on training our employees to ensure they have the right people skills. It allows them to communicate with you in a manner you find easy.
Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to providing our clients with the best experience. All organisational processes are designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Our goal is to execute the project efficiently and transparently.
Value for Money
You only pay for what you need. We do not have fixed payment plans as we treat every client differently. After receiving the requirements, we will analyse them and come up with a quote. This approach is cost-effective.

Our Services Include

Hardware Replacement & Repair
Computer Repair & Upgradation
Data Recovery
Server Management
Custom-built Computers to Requirements
Tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
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