How to Fix High CPU Usage (CPU 100% Issue)

The CPU, or the brain of the computer, is the most critical component in a computer. All other important components depend upon it. If the CPU consumption is high, it could spell trouble for the business. High CPU usage adversely affects the performance of the computer. The applications running on the computer tend to malfunction, lag, and shut down.

Hence, it can create a hurdle and make things difficult for a business entity as its operations are disrupted. There are many reasons behind high CPU usage. It might be due to many tabs being opened on the browser, antivirus scanning, playing games or using high-consumption apps such as streaming or video-editing.

Top Methods to Lower CPU Usage?

It would be best if you opt for the following tips to fix the high CPU usage.


Every program that runs on your computer utilises the CPU’s resources. So, it is wise to shut down all the programs that are not required. There is no need to keep the browser or game apps running while using Excel. They all put a burden on your CPU and make your PC perform slow or even shut on its own. Only keep those programs running which you require.


Your CPU usage might be high because you may be running an outdated version of a program on your computer. It will make your computer’s performance extremely slow and cause heating issues. You should update all the important software, if not all, to the newest versions.


Just like other things, computers also gather dust daily. This dust can negatively affect the performance of the computer. The more the dust accumulates, the slower your PC will run. So, we recommend cleaning your PC. Keeping it clean from the outside won’t be useful if you don’t clean it from the inside, where all the main components are filled with dust. You can clean from the inside by using compressed air. One thing to consider before cleaning the computer’s vent is that you should completely turn off the computer.


Without your knowledge or approval, your system may be using a low power setting by default. The power settings of your PC or laptop can affect the performance of your CPU as well. So, check your power setting and try to change it if set to low.


Many computer programs automatically start upon turning on the computer or a laptop. These programs put much burden on the CPU. Most of the time, these programs are of no use to you. You must turn off the programs that you don’t require.


The problem may not be that complicated or technical. Sometimes all you need to do is to restart your computer. It will close all the unnecessary programs, clean all the temporary files and give your computer a much-needed new start. You should especially restart your computer if it has been on for a few days. Before restarting, make sure to save all your work.


If everything else fails and you still can’t fix the high CPU usage issue, the last option is to reinstall your windows. Before you go for it, you must know that this option will delete all applications. However, you can keep your files or delete them by choosing the right option as per your demand.


The above tips can be easy to follow if you have a few PCs in your business. What to do if your business has hundreds and thousands of PCs? In this case, the best way is to outsource the services to a third company. They will arrange the resources to work on your computers and improve their efficiency. The best thing is that they will do it after business hours, meaning your operations are not impacted. MITS provides numerous IT services in Pakistan. For further details about our services, please contact us. Thank You.

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