IT Process Automation – Its Benefits and How It Helps Reduce Human Error

it process automation

Unfortunately, human error is something which cannot be avoided. Organisations must deal with it in one form or another. Several studies conclude that human error causes organisations billions of dollars in losses each year. Regardless of the industry type, a data breach is something which every organisation wishes to avoid. The reason is that it dents customer trust and leads to costly fines. Depending on the nature of the leaked data, a business may lose its competitive advantage.

In other words, organisations need to reduce human error and improve performance by making certain processes automatic. One of the best examples is sending automated emails in bulk without human input. One way of doing so is switching to IT automation. IT process automation removes the unpredictable variable – humans. In IT automation, triggers and actions help businesses to streamline IT processes. Furthermore, it ensures consistency, reliability, and efficiency.

Benefits of IT Process Automation

MITS will highlight some key areas where IT process automation can help improve your business and do away with the risk of human error to a great extent. Besides business automation, what are the other benefits of automation, have a look at the list given below. 

Email Security

The number one challenge for organisations nowadays is security. The importance of security has only increased as businesses opt for hybrid and remote working models. Numerous cases exist where an organisation’s IT network has been hacked after a cybercriminal gained access to an employee’s email. In some cases, employees unknowingly clicked on links embedded in emails sent by outsiders. There are numerous tools for automated email security. Instead of relying on the employees, these tools take a proactive approach to email security. Such tools automatically prevent spam emails from reaching the user.

System Vulnerabilities

Another way cybercriminals gain access to your IT network is by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system or other tools. In most cases, the developers have already fixed the vulnerability through an update/patch. Then why are organisations still at risk? Unfortunately, due to the organisation’s size and the IT team’s workload, they delay installing the patches/updates in time. Due to it, organisations suffer billions of dollars in losses annually. IT process automation can help in this regard. New patches/updates will be installed automatically across all organisational systems.

Another way to deal with system vulnerabilities is employing a team of IT security experts. We recognise that it can increase the costs for your business considerably. The alternative is to avail of managed IT services from MITS. We handle all or a part of your IT function, while you can focus on strategy and other business functions. Our experts monitor your IT network’s security 24/7.

Reduce the Burden on your Human Resource

The purpose of IT process automation is to reduce human error. But what is the primary reason behind human error? In most cases, it is poorly designed job descriptions and overburdened with too much work. IT process automation can help automate repetitive tasks such as hardware requisition, update installation, patch installation, report generation, approval requests, auditing, and more. It can help ease the burden and your team and reduce the chances of human error.

Response Time

Security experts agree that despite the security processes in place, it is only a matter of time before an organisation is hacked. The reason is that IT is an ever-evolving field. The only thing which reduces the impact is the response time. The sooner organisations uncover the attack and respond to it, the better.

Secondly, organisations can only prevent attacks by continuously adapting to the changes. It is quite challenging, especially for large, multinational organisations. For instance, if a new update needs to be installed, it must be done across multiple locations and countries. It is quite challenging, time-consuming, and resource intensive.

Automation within this field can improve the response time to a cyberattack. With the help of automated processes, the restoration process can start automatically. Without automation, the IT team must do it manually. It can lead to operational downtime, which means considerable losses.


It concludes how IT process automation can help improve your business. IT process automation is only effective as the people responsible for it. If your in-house team does not possess adequate knowledge and experience, don’t force them to adopt it. Instead, hire an IT company which can do it on your behalf. If your business is based in Pakistan and you would like help with IT process automation, contact us. MITS can handle all your IT requirements effectively with an extensive network of IT professionals from every domain.

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