Benefits of Third-Party IT Support for Businesses

Benefits of Third-Party IT Support for Businesses

Most organisations believe that they no longer need to worry about their IT function by hiring dedicated IT resources. The resources have everything ‘covered’ i.e. equipped to handle any IT-related issue. This thinking cannot be any further from the truth. In reality, in-house IT teams are overworked and understaffed. In some cases, they are tasked with menial jobs such as ensuring the printers are working fine, and operating systems operate smoothly. Such menial tasks prevent them from focusing on their core duties, leading to lower productivity and a lack of motivation among the IT staff.

Growing Importance of IT

Businesses must accept that IT is no longer a secondary business function. As companies increasingly rely on technology, IT’s importance cannot be stated enough. If your in-house team cannot support your IT needs and you choose to ignore this, you are making a big mistake. Our experience tells us that a small event can escalate into a significant problem causing disruptions to your entire business operations. If your in-house IT team cannot tackle the challenge promptly, it increases business downtime and losses while negatively impacting the customer experience.

Therefore, it is better to opt for third-party IT support. Another reason for recommending third-party IT support is because IT has evolved over the years. It is no longer confined to fixing printers or installing and fixing operating systems. It has taken on a new role in the form of business strategy, network security, supporting growth, data management, hardware, and software. Hence, businesses must consider availing of third-party IT support.

Benefits of Third-Party IT Support

Here are a few benefits associated with third-party IT help:


Whether you are a large business or an SME in Pakistan, you will always face talent-related issues. Most industries across the world report that they are facing staffing issues. You can bridge this gap with the help of a third party. Suppose you are a large bank based in Pakistan. You decide to upgrade to new technology but are worried about the cost overheads associated with the required extra staff.

The best option is to engage an IT outsourcing company in Pakistan. They have a large talent pool ready to deploy and help you with your technology upgradation. You don’t have to worry about their salaries, onboarding, or other benefits. You must share your requirements, and the IT outsourcing company will do the rest.

Specialised Talent

You can use an IT outsourcing company to use a specialised talent for complex projects and ensure timely completion. The best thing is that you can access a specialised skill set without incurring high costs such as training or education. In short, using a third party shifts the responsibility of acquiring new skills from your shoulders to someone else’s.

Focus on Core Business Functions

When you decide to outsource your IT function or some parts, you are freeing up resources that you can dedicate to mission-critical business functions. You can also use this option to reduce your worries and shift some or all risks to a third party.

Specialised Insight

An IT outsourcing company like MITServices has considerable experience undertaking projects across different industries. This means that they have invaluable experience which can benefit your organisation. You can use their expertise to look at a problem differently. Their advice can help you attain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Another benefit is scalability. You can add and remove resources as and when required with third-party support. You don’t have to worry about layoffs, severance packages, or anything else. If you require ten IT technicians, the IT outsourcing company will provide ten resources. If you need fewer or more, they can oblige accordingly.

24/7 Availability

Lastly, IT outsourcing companies are available 24/7. You don’t need to panic even if your system crashes late at night, as they will have specialised talent ready to deploy and fix the problem. You don’t need to worry about managing space, procuring IT infrastructure, hiring extra resources, or managing your IT network 24/7. Instead, engage a third party, and they will do the rest. Most of the work is performed remotely, meaning little disruptions to your employees or operations.


These are only some benefits of using a third-party IT support company. Overall, your business has very little to lose (if anything) by outsourcing the IT function. If you need help with IT outsourcing in Pakistan, contact us. MITServices is a specialised IT outsourcing company in Pakistan, offering different services.

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