Why Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11?

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s first major operating system upgrade in seven years. Although there are a few issues with the latest version of Windows, we still think Windows 11 is a must-do upgrade, especially for businesses. It offers the latest security features, considerable improvements in design, and a much more friendly user interface. While upgrading one PC to Windows 11 is easy, the same cannot be said for hundreds and thousands.

Large businesses that rely on IT for their operations must ensure they have the latest hardware and software. Why? It helps them better manage their operations and manage customer expectations. But how can the organisation’s IT department upgrade all computers to Windows 11? This is where an IT outsourcing company comes in handy. Suppose you are a Pakistan-based telecom company. You have thousands of employees whom each have company-provided workstations.

An IT outsourcing company will assess your current infrastructure to see if it is compatible with Windows 11. If not, they will ask you to make the necessary hardware upgrades or manage it on your behalf. Once done, they will deploy their resources and begin the upgradation task. The best thing is that this is done with little to no disruptions to your operations. Most work is done after office hours or off-peak hours to avoid customer disruptions.

Let’s focus on why you need to consider upgrading to Windows 11 seriously.


One thing everyone loves about the macOS or even ChromeOS is their slick interface. Windows users don’t need to worry about hiding their poorly designed interfaces from their Apple friends. Windows 11 brings a significant update to the interface. We feel that it finally brings Windows on par with its popular rivals. The best thing is that the interface is touch friendly.

Screenshot Tool

Another noticeable upgrade is the Windows Screenshot or Snipping Tool. You can now easily screenshot a specific window or the entire desktop without having to Google it. The best thing is that after taking the screenshot, Windows opens a mini editor, which you can use to edit the screenshot. Interestingly, a timer function also allows you to take timed screenshots.


You can arrange the open Windows to any size or shape. It is one of the best features of Windows. Microsoft outdid themselves in Windows 11. When you hover the cursor over the maximise button on any open window, it shows a pre-set of different layout options. You can use this feature for a much more organised desktop.


Security breaches are a bane to every business in Pakistan and worldwide. Any security lapse can lead to data theft, reputational damage, regulatory action, customer dissatisfaction, and legal challenges. Windows 11 is twice as resistant to malware due to requirements such as a trusted platform module and other improvements. It is undoubtedly the most important reason for any business to upgrade to Windows 11.

Run Android Apps

You cannot run Google Play store apps on Windows 11, at least yet. Now, that that’s out of the way, it is still an achievement to run Android Apps on Windows. There are plenty of benefits for developers and even the average user. We might see Microsoft allow greater compatibility with other app stores in the future.

Upgraded Apps

There are many improvements in the apps that come pre-installed on Windows. There are also some additions, such as Clipchamp. Microsoft finally decided to upgrade the media player. The Photo App comes with video editing features that you may not find on any other freeware app.


If you are a large business based in Pakistan and need to upgrade your organisational IT infrastructure, contact us. MITServices offers extensive IT-related services, including IT Deployment and Rollout. You can avail of our services to rollout Windows 11 across the organisation without worrying about data loss or operational disruptions.

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